About Our Company

Xvolve aims to “Change everything”. We will establish one of the biggest internet businesses by 2020.

Then, by leveraging the capital and social influence, we will drastically change the framework of society.

Currently we are developing mobile app in Ho Chi Minh.


Our website


Our history

What we have done in the past:

– Established one of the most successful job sites in Japan

– Expanded to more than 200 people

– Exited one of our businesses for 17 million dollars

– Built networks globally in more than 30 countries




【Our product“BEHEARD”

– high quality conversation on demand –

Beheard is a platform to find quality conversationalists on-demand.

Simply browse for conversationalists, choose the ones that want to talk about a topic you are interestin, and begin one-on-one conversations with them.


Job description

1) Back-office assistant

(ex) HR, Accountant etc.

2) Social Media promoter

–  Promote, influence, connect and engage our users/ potential members by projecting our product and the team by using instagram, twitter, facebook etc.

3) Promoter

– Promote and organize events in order to grow the community, acquire users and increase the brand recognition,



Working hours / condition

– part-time

– must able to work more than 3 days a week, 5 hours a day



Basic salary ( starting from $100 / month ) + commission


you can earn up to $300 (and more!)

ex, $200 (basic salary) + $100 (commission)



You are welcome to our team if you are:

– Proficient in English (ANY other languages is a PLUS)

– willing to obtain a basic business skill

– interested in the startup environment

– love to use Social media and promote

– attend networking events and creative in making attractive events

– Loves meeting new people, people person, loves to help others


If so, we want you to join our team ! do not hesitate to contact us!

▼ Register here

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s make the world a better place!


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