We’re a team that passionate about new technologies & progress.

Our mission

#1 Parking Solution for Indonesia Market

Our values

Simplicity in logic, process and solution. Simplicity will result in the speed of execution, thereby providing a simple solution for everyone.

Openness, Open to new ideas and opportunities. Encourage an environment of honest and open communication. Always challenge the status quo.

Unity diversity Our partners are an integral part of the team. Together, we can create the synergy to achieve something bigger.

Learn, It's always day one at Soul Parking Learn the culture of grit that encourages people to put their best efforts in a way that inspires others to do the same. Remember, everyday is a learning process.


About Us

Easy parking with no hassle? Soul Parking

A creative innovation of smart parking infrastructure of the future by the nation’s children that provides solution in urban settings with limited land and meets the convenient parking need for motorcycle riders.

Solution for your parking zone Find out how Soul Parking can help develop a modern parking ecosystem